Was MLK Doing The Right Thing?

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary thinker. His ideology has been passed down through generations of the American population and is still even practiced today. We see people protesting, writing letters to the government, putting action to the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. King was a very intelligent man, but I don’t wholly agree with his thoughts on how the battle for racial equality was fought. Simply put, the pen is not mightier than the sword. Since nearly the beginning of the human race, punishment has been the moral foundation for shaping behavior. If you disagree look at the practices of early civilizations. For example, the Chinese participated in a punishment named slow slicing. Slow slicing involved tying the criminal to a tree or large stake, and as the name refers, slowly slicing away chunks of the persons flesh until only their bones remained. Now, this is an extreme example, but the concept still remains that punishment shapes behavior. An example that is less gruesome and more contemporary is the American prison system. The federal government believes that people who commit crimes should be punished for their offenses. They throw them in prison, make them live in unsanitary conditions, and eat nearly poisonous food. They do this all with the intent of shaping the behavior of the criminal population. Into an even simpler platform, punishment is seen in the game of chess. You think twice, even three times about the next move you will make in fear of losing one of your pieces. King’s passively resistant movements were very effective, but I feel that violent resistance would have been more effective in terms of shaping the white man’s mind. Just as the prison system or slow slicing made people think twice about committing a crime, violent resistance against whites would have made them think twice about the next move they would make.

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