IMG_2035Instead of the traditional “Hello, my name is…” approach, I find it a lot easier and contemporary to simply dive into the meat of the topic. This is an autobiography about me, Brandon Adlam. A graduate of Blanche Ely High School and a second year Allied Health Science major at Florida A&M University, I have always been an ambitious black male. I aspire to leave this university with a degree that will allow me to practice physical therapy. I was born on October 30th, 1996. I grew up in scorching South Florida, Broward County to be exact, where the teenagers bop, jook, slide, and stick. It’s a weird place because as young as it is, it can be just as old. Florida is the retirement state, but Broward seems to be the Retirement county. Oddly enough my mother works in a senior citizen facility. She is my inspiration, along with my siblings. All of my short life has been spent working toward providing a greater platform for my family. Throughout my four years of high school I have achieved multiple accomplishments including lettering in band as a freshman, being inducted into Brother-To-Brother as a sophomore, a basketball state championship appearance as a junior, and basketball State Championship and National appearance as a senior.   But as I embark upon my first year of college, I am beginning to figure out that my life is less about what I have done and more about what has yet to come. It is about building myself into the person I want myself to be. Finishing the “I Am…” statement. After all, I am in control of my life.

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